Easily Folds Away

Not every vehicle has enough room behind the bumper to fold in a retractable towbar, and therefore this system is available for a limited range of cars.

If you need to make regular use of a towbar, want the best ease of use and are particular about the lines of your car, the Brink retractable towbar addresses these needs in one premium solution. When the Brink retractable towbar is put away or retracted, there is no visible sign of it. With one simple hand movement, it can be pulled out, ready to use again.

When its retracted, there’s no towbar in the way when you’re loading and unloading the boot of your car. Another advantage is that the retractable towbar is maintenance-free. The ball is always connected to the sleeve, ensuring that not dirt is left behind. The retractable towbar combines all the features of both the fixed and detachable towbars in one solution.


  • Invisible
  • Retractable
  • Immediately available
  • Ball is shaped by the bumper


  • Ball is always connected to the sleeve
  • Same strength as a fixed towbar
  • Audible and visible locking
  • Maximum pull weight and taxation

Ease of use

  • Maintenance free
  • Easy activation with a lever under the car
  • Ergonomic dial for unlocking
  • Ball can be stored behind the bumper after use

Premium quality, competitive pricing

Brink towbars are vehicle specific. We'll send you a quote for the perfect-fit towbar - but first, we need your vehicle details.