Brink Towbar Warranty

A Brink towbar has a default warranty period of twelve months on materials. This also applies to the socket and wiring kit. This means that Brink Towing Systems guarantees that the supplied towbar and its components are free of defects that are the direct result of errors in the materials, manufacturing or construction for a period of twelve months.

If the towbar has been assembled by a certified Brink towbar assembly station (the Brink Assembly Partner), a warranty of five years applies to both the materials and assembly, starting from the date of assembly (instead of just one year on materials only).

Towing Tips

Whether you're towing a caravan, trailer or horse box or want to clip on bike rack, safety is paramount. We've created a list of things you should consider before hitching it on to the back of your vehicle. 
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Premium quality, competitively priced

Brink towbars are vehicle specific. We'll send you a competitive quote for the perfect-fit towbar - but first, we need your vehicle details.