What to consider

Whether you’re towing a caravan, trailer or horse box or want to clip on bike rack, safety is paramount. Towing systems should to be selected for their application.

Vehicle Type
Not every vehicle is designed to tow. If you have a smaller vehicle, check with your dealer before attaching a towing system. If you cannot tow, there are alternatives. Thule offers a wide assortment of accessories for the transportation of luggage and sports equipment in a secure, safe and stylish way.

Pre-owned Vehicles
Don’t assume that when buying a second-hand car with a fitted towbar that the previous owner looked to tow what you are planning to tow (trailer, horse box, bike rack, caravan). It is also advisable to have the towbar fitment checked before you use it.

There is a right way to hitch a caravan to your car, and it is important that elements such as GVM versus Tare weight, towball height and the caravan wheel size are checked – adjustments may need to be made to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely.

Contact us for advice. Our crew of fitment specialists will help you get the right towbar solution for your needs.

Brink Towing Systems is the global leader in developing towbars that are safe and durable. A Brink Towing System is vehicle specific and makes use of homologated attachment points. Brink towbars are endorsed by the South African Road Safety Foundation and are approved by most of the locally represented vehicle brands. Whether manufactured here or abroad, Brink towbars comply with both European ECE R55 and SANS1505 standards.

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Why Brink

Towbar engineering that will give you peace of mind when you hitch up your trailer, caravan, horse box or whatever you need to tow safely with your vehicle. Read More

Premium quality, competitively priced

Brink towbars are vehicle specific. We'll send you a competitive quote for the perfect-fit towbar - but first, we need your vehicle details.